Health Insurance offer


ASSSA HEALTH INSURANCE Your Content Goes Here Due to overwhelming success this offer has been extended through June. For the month of May any health insurance contracted with Albox Insurance can have the option to not pay until August. The offer [...]

Health Insurance offer2020-06-04T14:26:29+02:00

San Juan Insurance Open Day


San Juan Insurance Open Day San Juan Insurance will be holding an open day to celebrate the new office on the 12th of February. The whole Team from Albox and Mojacar will be in attendance, with food and drink for everyone who wants to [...]

San Juan Insurance Open Day2020-11-26T13:10:17+01:00

How will Brexit affect us?


We are ready for the arrival of Brexit The departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, better known as Brexit, is approaching and that is why we are working to guarantee cover for our customers. When Brexit comes into effect, in order [...]

How will Brexit affect us?2019-10-09T10:36:08+02:00

Gas bottles in your vehicle


Are you using gas bottles for cooking or even heating your home in the winter? There are some companies that will deliver these bottles to your home, most of us pick them up from our local supply point either at petrol stations, etc. While doing this we have to think [...]

Gas bottles in your vehicle2019-07-17T14:56:11+02:00

Texting and Driving


An instant of distraction can make the difference between life and death. This is why the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and Dieter Liebrech Koch, with collaboration of RACC and RACE and other European automobile cluds are launching the #ParkYourPhone initiative. European transport commissioner Violeta Bulc said that "With smartphones [...]

Texting and Driving2017-10-07T12:16:05+02:00

Inheritance Tax


Here at Albox Insurance we quite often get the same question asked by clients, which is: Do my children who are not residents in Spain have to pay inheritance tax on our property? The answer is not quite straightforward, As each region has it's own tax laws, Currently in [...]

Inheritance Tax2017-11-08T09:53:17+01:00

Children In Cars


In Spain, all children measuring 135cm or less in height must ride in the rear seats of any vehicle, irrespective of their age, and in addition to the requirements of the correct seat being provided to their size and weight. Their are a number of exception to the rule, [...]

Children In Cars2017-09-25T14:56:44+02:00
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