Comparison websites are a popular choice for insurance searches. But is that really the best way forward? Sure, if you are buying only on price, maybe that’s good for you but if you want to find something that is not only a good price but also a product that will provide the right cover and is tailored to your exacting needs, then it might not be the best idea.

The policies on comparison sites are normally quite generic, only offering the basics of cover. they may have a high excess when you make a claim, for example, so in the end you are not really saving money. So what’s the answer?

The simple answer is to use a professional, dedicated broker who you can sit down with for a face-to-face conversation.

Here at Albox Insurance we have a team of trained and experienced professionals to offer the friendly, expert advice that you deserve.

So, to sum up, what are the advantages of using a broker:

· You don’t pay any more for using a broker, Our services are free and we will give you the best deal possible.

· We’ll give you the best options for the cover you need.

· We will find the right product for you and we’ll be able to tell you if you’re covered by you’re existing policies, so you don’t overlap, and we will do our best to get you a better deal.

· If the unexpected happens and you need to make a claim, we will take care of the whole claim for you, as our claims department who specialise in this area will ensure everything is handled as smoothly as possible.

· You can be sure of professional and unbiased advice.

With insurance, not only for car and home, but also life, pet, business, commercial, leisure, public liability and personal injury, Liberty seguros is considered the expat’s number one choice in Spain, With Albox Insurance the number 1 broker for Liberty in the whole of Almeria. Give us a call on 950 121 943.