ASSSAlutely Amazing


Yesterday we had a very productive meeting with one of the largest health insurance companies in Spain, ASSSA. Senior commerial director Katrin and Managing Director Noelia both took time out of their busy schedules to confirm Albox Insurance as the top supplier for ASSSA in Almería for [...]

ASSSAlutely Amazing2022-05-13T15:08:35+02:00

UK Driving Licence New Deadline


As you know, we have been waiting for an official update on a potential agreement between the UK and Spain with regards to the exchange of UK driving licenses for Spanish post Brexit. Unfortunately, there is still no good news for those who either did not or could not register their [...]

UK Driving Licence New Deadline2021-12-30T15:27:53+01:00

Do I need new life insurance in Spain?


Do I need new life insurance in Spain? NO longer part of the EU, the UK is now a ‘third country’ and operates outside of the EU’s economic structures. Following Brexit, the UK’s relationship with the EU has changed and expat residents should realise that this new situation could have [...]

Do I need new life insurance in Spain?2021-11-19T13:33:41+01:00

New Non Lucrative Visa


Non Lucrative Visa What is it? Who needs it? What do you need? What is the Non Lucrative Visa The non-lucrative residence visa can be applied for by non-EU citizens who wish to reside in Spain for more than 6 months, without carrying [...]

New Non Lucrative Visa2021-04-30T14:04:21+02:00

A charitable donation


A Charitable Donation Glenn of Albox Insurance made a charitable donation earlier this week to the Albox Town hall Food bank which supports struggling families. Glenn wanted to give something back to the community and was more than happy to make a donation to the food bank. [...]

A charitable donation2020-05-29T14:18:46+02:00

Health Insurance offer


ASSSA HEALTH INSURANCE Your Content Goes Here Due to overwhelming success this offer has been extended through June. For the month of May any health insurance contracted with Albox Insurance can have the option to not pay until August. The offer [...]

Health Insurance offer2020-06-04T14:26:29+02:00

San Juan Insurance Open Day


San Juan Insurance Open Day San Juan Insurance will be holding an open day to celebrate the new office on the 12th of February. The whole Team from Albox and Mojacar will be in attendance, with food and drink for everyone who wants to [...]

San Juan Insurance Open Day2020-11-26T13:10:17+01:00

How will Brexit affect us?


We are ready for the arrival of Brexit The departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, better known as Brexit, is approaching and that is why we are working to guarantee cover for our customers. When Brexit comes into effect, in order [...]

How will Brexit affect us?2019-10-09T10:36:08+02:00

Gas bottles in your vehicle


Are you using gas bottles for cooking or even heating your home in the winter? There are some companies that will deliver these bottles to your home, most of us pick them up from our local supply point either at petrol stations, etc. While doing this we have to think [...]

Gas bottles in your vehicle2019-07-17T14:56:11+02:00
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