Are you using gas bottles for cooking or even heating your home in the winter? There are some companies that will deliver these bottles to your home, most of us pick them up from our local supply point either at petrol stations, etc. While doing this we have to think about the security measures and safety protocols. When at home we need to be careful where they are stored. They need to be in a well ventilated place, away from heat or even and ignition source, away from any toxic materials and in an upright position. This is equally important we transporting the bottles, the law states that you are aloud to carry two bottles in the vehicle and the also have to be upright. You have to make sure the bottles are secured in the vehicle and cannot shift while driving. The law also states that in is forbidden to park in an underground car park while carrying the gas bottles. Check with your local supplier for any recommendations as to store and carrying said bottles because they can been dangerous if not handled properly.