Life Insurance


For us, protecting you also means thinking about what else we can do for you. That is why we offer you advantages without any extra cost, Such as an advance on the sum insured for funeral expenses. Liberty’s life insurance will take care of everything, It is a product designed for those who are seeking the fullest cover at a competitive price, so you can focus on enjoying life.

Life insurance is and will be a lot more useful in the coming years when it comes to inheritance tax. Currently in Andalucia EU citizens have an exemption of €175,000 each. So if you have two children the exemption will be €350,000, so anything under this amount there is no tax to pay, after Brexit anyone from the UK would not be considered an EU citizen and would be subject to pay inheritance tax straight away. The tax on a property worth €350,000 would be €65,000, A good way to prepare for a bill this size is to have a Life insurance policy that can cover the cost of the inheritance tax.

Additional Covers

  • Additional cover in case of Death by accident.

  • Additional cover in case of Death by traffic accident.

  • Total and permanent disability.

  • Additional cover in case of Total and Permanent Disability by accident.

  • Additional cover in case of Total Disability by traffic accident.

  • Serious Illness.