Do I need new life insurance in Spain?


Do I need new life insurance in Spain? NO longer part of the EU, the UK is now a ‘third country’ and operates outside of the EU’s economic structures. Following Brexit, the UK’s relationship with the EU has changed and expat residents should realise that this new situation could have [...]

Do I need new life insurance in Spain?2021-11-19T13:33:41+01:00

Inheritance Tax


Here at Albox Insurance we quite often get the same question asked by clients, which is: Do my children who are not residents in Spain have to pay inheritance tax on our property? The answer is not quite straightforward, As each region has it's own tax laws, Currently in [...]

Inheritance Tax2017-11-08T09:53:17+01:00

Children In Cars


In Spain, all children measuring 135cm or less in height must ride in the rear seats of any vehicle, irrespective of their age, and in addition to the requirements of the correct seat being provided to their size and weight. Their are a number of exception to the rule, [...]

Children In Cars2017-09-25T14:56:44+02:00

Documents to carry


A COMMON question that often crops up for drivers in Spain is what documents must be carried in the car with you. Here we have the answers...   The ITV card This is the official document which relates to the technical inspection of the vehicle.   [...]

Documents to carry2017-09-25T14:56:52+02:00

Summer Driving


It's that time of year, summer is hear and with comes an influx of tourists. Holidaymakers who rent a car may also be driving on the opposite side of the road to their home country, so you need to be extra vigilant around these drivers and try to anticipate any mistakes [...]

Summer Driving2017-09-25T14:57:07+02:00

Fines for not moving


NOT washed your car in a while? Well be careful, you could be fined for that! Many drivers are unaware they could be fined without even being on the road or moving their car, but these fines do exist and are real. Even if the vehicle isn’t moving, the lights, reflectors and number plates [...]

Fines for not moving2017-09-25T14:57:08+02:00

Albox Insurance receives another award


Albox Insurance receive Award Local Insurance company Albox / Mojacar Insurance Director Glenn Unwin has accepted another award at the Fairmont Springs hotel in Banff Canada from Liberty Insurance director Paul Oudenhoven this award along with their previous one that was awarded in 2014 [...]

Albox Insurance receives another award2017-09-25T14:57:08+02:00
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