It’s that time of year, summer is hear and with comes an influx of tourists. Holidaymakers who rent a car may also be driving on the opposite side of the road to their home country, so you need to be extra vigilant around these drivers and try to anticipate any mistakes they may be more likely to make. One common incident is when drivers take the wrong lane on roundabouts, the outside lane is for turning right or heading straight on where as the inside lane is for turning left or going back from the direction you came. Some drivers will stay in the outside lane to go all the way around causing others drivers to be careful to avoid an accident.

Along with the summer comes the heat and it is important to make sure your car is in good condition for the weather. It is recommended to check tyre pressures once a month as the heat will affect the pressures in the tyres. It’s also important to check your radiator levels and oil as engines will get very hot.

Something that not all driver might know is that it is illegal in Spain to drive around without screen wash, as it is to drive in flip flops or any backless shoes.

Should you have an accident, remember the following:
·Stay calm and use a reflective vest.

·Use the hazard lights on the car and two warning triangles around 50m from the  front  and back of the vehicle.

· Call 112 if necessary.

·Get statements and contact information of any witnesses.

·Complete the accident report form that should be in your car.


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