NOT washed your car in a while? Well be careful, you could be fined for that! Many drivers are unaware they could be fined without even being on the road or moving their car, but these fines do exist and are real. Even if the vehicle isn’t moving, the lights, reflectors and number plates must be kept clear and if the vehicle is moving, the windows must be clear also. A fine of €80 can also be issued if officers decide your number plate is in a poor condition. If you do need to wash your car, be careful where you do it, hand washing a vehicle in the street or carrying out repairs can also result in a penalty for the owner. Water, oil and other deposits can interfere with the road surface and can become a risk. There are also environmental concerns over the disposal of waste such as water or other fluids. Car wash facilities have complex recycling and drainage systems so as to minimise waste of the precious commodity of water. Remember you can also be fined for smoking at petrol stations which poses a serious safety risk, but also for leaving your engine running, your radio or or for using your mobile. Any of these activities can result in a fine of up to €200 and the loss of three points. You can also be fined for moving house and not informing the DGT of your new address. In the event of an accident or breakdown, you can be fined for not wearing a high visibility face or for not placing the warning triangles around the vehicle warning others of your presence. So remember, whilst speeding and driving whilst using a mobile phone are the two most common reasons to be fined, there are also ways you can be fined without even moving.


Source: Euro Weekly news