Fines for not moving


NOT washed your car in a while? Well be careful, you could be fined for that! Many drivers are unaware they could be fined without even being on the road or moving their car, but these fines do exist and are real. Even if the vehicle isn’t moving, the lights, reflectors and number plates [...]

Fines for not moving2017-09-25T14:57:08+02:00

Albox Insurance receives another award


Albox Insurance receive Award Local Insurance company Albox / Mojacar Insurance Director Glenn Unwin has accepted another award at the Fairmont Springs hotel in Banff Canada from Liberty Insurance director Paul Oudenhoven this award along with their previous one that was awarded in 2014 [...]

Albox Insurance receives another award2017-09-25T14:57:08+02:00
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